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Foundation Repair Service in Wexford, Pennsylvania

Waterproofing your basement and ensuring that the foundation of your property are watertight and protected is vital for your peace of mind as well as the safety and security of the building.

If you notice cracks appearing in your basement walls, sagging floors and concrete blocks then you need to contact highly trained specialists to assist you.

WexfordFoundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing are head and shoulders above the competition, and when it comes to maintaining your cellar and property foundations you can depend on our highly trained experts in the field to take care of all your basement and foundation repairs in partnership with the best masonry and concrete contractors.

  • Offers free estimate to homeowners
  • Unbeatable Prices for Quality Services.
  • Provide comprehensive inspections
  • Extensive Professional Experience.
  • Provide excellent customer services
  • Fully Licensed and Totally Insured.


Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

Wexford Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing are the best single point source for all your requirements. We are specialists in all aspects of waterproofing basements and repairing cracks, leaning walls and slumping concrete in your own foundations. Our structural engineers collaborate with all the best masonry contractors to deliver outstanding results every single time you telephone us.

Professional Inspectors

We have professional inspectors who inspect your foundation or any part of your home that needs to be repaired. With vast skills and experience, you can have the peace of mind since the inspectors will give you a report on the condition of your foundation and then advise you accordingly.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We take pride in always providing results over expectations and thus you can be certain of 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Talk To Real Professionals

Our phone staff are fully competent and well trained in base repairs and cellar waterproofing and will be happy to assist you.                                      

Fully Insured & Licensed

We have a valid permit to provide expert foundation repair and basement waterproofing services. On the other hand, our professionals are fully insured with general liability, worker’s compensation and completed operations.



We can help you fix your foundation no matter its current situation. We’ve offered foundation repair services for several years and hence we’ve gathered much-needed skills and experience for the job. Consequently, if your foundation has cracks or it’s tilting, sagging or you have wall leaning, contact us and our professionals will gladly help you.

  • Powerful Galvanized Steel Foundation Supporting Pillar Systems.
  • For Lighter Structures We Use Screw Pile Systems.
  • Anchoring system to provide support for any foundation wall.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation and Complete Support System.


Our basement waterproofing professionals will not only evaluate your house for free but additionally supply a long-lasting solution. We pride ourselves as the very best base repair and basement waterproofing company as a result of wide assortment of experience, our specialist have.

  • Installation of External Drainage System following Excavation.
  • Safely Excavate and Install fully functioning internal drainage systems.
  • Correctly Install Baseboard Drainage Systems.
  • Total program of Sealant to Safeguard Basement Walls.


Foundation cracks can result due to many reasons such as earth movement or water in your basement. However, regardless of the source, whenever you have a foundation crack, you need to have it repaired as fast as possible to avoid related issues. If you suspect or see a foundation crack, Wexford Foundation Repair can correct the problem with ease that will help you have peace of mind.

  • Seal Wall Cracks such as Penetration Pipes.
  • All flooring cracks will be repaired.
  • Professionally injected epoxy as well as polyurethane.
  • Inject Epoxy or Polyurethane.


Concrete fix is needed if any part of your property has developed cracks. The repair should be carried out fast before the cracks grow and become a menace particularly when the weather is changing fast. Wexford Foundation Repair Company provides concrete repair solutions to make our homes safer and habitable. Contact us for a quotation, professional guidance or repair services.

  • High Pressure Epoxy Injection Strategies used.
  • Gravity filling techniques.
  • Sealing of all Cracks and Routing.
  • Stitching to Repair Concrete.
  • Routing and Sealing.
  • Raising and levelling surfaces.


Mudjacking is the process of raising or lifting concrete that’s sunken or settled. The process is done by pumping a pressurized grout under the concrete to push it up from below. Therefore, advanced mud jacking equipment and techniques are needed to complete the process. We supply sand jacking/slab jacking services to homeowners in and around Wexford.

  • Driveway and Footpath Mudjacking.
  • Mudjacking Driveways.
  • Mudjacking Garage Flooring.
  • Mudjacking Paths and Sidewalks.
  • Mudjacking Stairways.


Wexford Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing can complete and decorate your basement and breathe life back into the region. We can be your one point of contact for all your basement finishing demands which may include walls, floors, stairways, windows lighting as well as electrical function. We’ve got every base covered and we are pleased to help you.

  • Superior Basement Wall Framing System.
  • Wall Finishing and Insulation Services.
  • Basement Flooring.
  • Heating and Dehumidifier Installations Services.
  • Staircase Finishing Services.


Joseph, Wexford PA

The contractor who came to our house was very professional and pleasant to use. He did a thorough job by assessing the basement and then explained to us what was going on with our base. He provided his professional advice and recommendation prior to embarking on the repair. We were impressed by the services provided. We’d highly suggest Wexford Foundation Repair to anybody.

John, Wexford PA

The Wexford Foundation Repair and Waterproofing crew came out promptly and did a great job lifting my concrete sidewalk and reinforcing a concrete stairway. They have a great crew with superior equipment to do the job.

Arthur, Wexford PA

The inspector was educated, courteous and quite informative. I was looking for foundation crack repair services and that he answered all my questions, gave great guidance and proceeded to repair my base. They worked well as a staff and I really enjoy the services they provided. I would recommend Wexford Foundation Services to anybody in need of foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Wexford.