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Foundation Repair Service in Venetia, Pennsylvania

At one point, every homeowner demands foundation repair solutions and/or basement waterproofing. It is recommended to hire a professional company rather than hiring a handyman or trying to do it yourself. Dealing with professionals have numerous benefits and thus it’s the ideal approach. However, finding a trusted foundation repair company is not easy because there are certain factors you should consider, for instance, level of expertise, licensing and insurance, etc.. If you reside in Venetia and surrounding areas and you need foundation repair and waterproofing solutions, Venetia Foundation Repair is a dependable company you can hire.

  • Provides free quote to homeowners
  • Great Prices on every job.
  • Comprehensive Inspection Process Guaranteed.
  • Extensive Professional Experience.
  • Finest Statewide Pennsylvania Customer Solutions.
  • Licensed and fully insured


Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

At Venetia Foundation Repair, we supply reliable foundation repair to homeowners. We are a dependable company that has been offering foundation repair and basement waterproofing for several decades. Ergo, if you have some basement problems, we will be able to help you fix the problem easily and at an inexpensive price.

Professional Inspectors

Our specialists are professional, experienced and skilled to diagnose different basement problems and supply a solution. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your problems are being assed and mended by our professional inspectors.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our staff take pride in providing above expectation results and services so ensured satisfaction is the minimum we expect to achieve working with you.

Talk To Real Professionals

Call us and speak to our phone operators who are fully trained in the details of basement waterproofing as well as foundation repair work.

Fully Insured & Licensed

We have a valid license to provide professional base repair and basement waterproofing services. On the other hand, our professionals are fully insured with general liability, worker’s compensation and completed operations.



Cracks and sagging walls are signs your foundations require a little attention. Delaying this may lead to devastating outcomes such as collapses, so getting expert eyes on the issue as soon as possible is vital. Our teams use the very best gear to address the problems for you and also our concrete contractors will do anything it takes to handle the situation.

  • Strong Galvanized Steel Foundation Supporting Pillar Systems.
  • Experienced in the use of Galvanised Steel Pillar Structures for base support.
  • Anchoring system to give support for any foundation wall.
  • Reliable crawl space encapsulation and complete support system.


Venetia Foundation Repairs and Basement Waterproofing will be the business leaders in repairing and waterproofing basements. Wet basements may result in bad smells and further deterioration to your own property. Call our specialist phone staff and we are going to solve all aspects of the issue.

  • Setup of External Drainage System after Excavation.
  • Setup of Fully Functioning Interior Drainage System.
  • Installation of Baseboard Drainage System.
  • Complete program of Sealant to Protect Basement Walls.


When a base develops cracks, they can lead to serious issues like moisture, water leaking, mildew and growth of mould among other issues. Consequently, should you require foundation crack repair, Venetia Foundation Repair is a trustworthy company to safely and correctly offer services that are needed.

  • Any cracks in walls and pipe penetrations will be safely sealed away.
  • All floor cracks will be repaired.
  • Professionally injected epoxy in addition to polyurethane.
  • Stop leaking from any source including windows.


Natural anxiety and changing due to seasonal freezing and thawing could result in cracks. Concrete cracks should be repaired quickly since they can become serious problems like a wall falling or crumbling of a home. We supply concrete repair solutions at an aggressive cost.

  • High Stress Epoxy Injection Techniques used.
  • Gravity filling techniques.
  • Sealing of all Cracks and Routing.
  • Epoxy Injections.
  • Routing and Sealing.
  • Raising and levelling surfaces.


If the concrete in your basement is sagging or settling incorrect then we could mudjack the floor to properly align it . Our experts can increase and level the floor from below using strong equipment that will pump highly pressured grout underneath the concrete. Applying this procedure our concrete contractors have the ability to flat or raise any concrete floor.

  • Driveway and Footpath Mudjacking.
  • Mudjacking Driveways.
  • Sidewalk and Entrance Way Mudjacking.
  • Mudjacking Paths and Sidewalks.
  • Mudjacking Stairways.


If you will need any type of finishing, we can help you because we’ve got various specialists for your tasks. Accordingly, besides basement finishing, we can assist you with related finishing and remodeling in walls, electrical work, ceilings, floors, windows, and lighting. You just have to contact us and explain the type of finishing you need and a specialist with a group of builders will avail to your house in no time.

  • Basement Wall Framing services.
  • Wall Finishing and Insulation Services.
  • Entire Basement Flooring
  • Ventilation and Dehumidifier Installations .
  • Staircase Finishing Services.


Matthew, Venetia PA

We had some cracks in our home that continued to get larger. A very good friend of mine and I tried to repair the cracks but we noticed they continued to get worse. When I contacted Venetia Foundation Repair, they quickly identified the problem and provided an affordable option. They even fixed the mess we made with our’DIY’ fix. I would hire the company again and also recommend it to other homeowners who need foundation repair or basement waterproofing.

Luke, Venetia PA

The professionals are courteous, thorough and organized. They arrived at my home on time and also did a great job lifting my cement sidewalk and strengthening the concrete stairway. They had competitive prices and I was impressed with their services. Highly recommended!!!

Leonard, Venetia PA

Venetia Foundation Repair quoted us the cost of concrete leveling and lift foaming services in our home. When we compared the cost of replacing the concrete and the estimated cost, we were shocked because we could save plenty of money. We opted to go their way and we cannot regret because they provided the best mud-jacking services, helped us save a lot of money and we have not had the problem again! This is the right company for the job. Contact them and you’ll get reliable professional services.