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Foundation Repair Service in Bradford Woods, Pennsylvania

Bradford Woods Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing are the go-to experts for all aspects of foundation and basement repairs. Most basements will require some repairs and maintenance at any stage so be sure to check it’s state and if you spot the warning signs of cracks, leaning walls and sloping cement slabs then you want to call our specialists so we can send out a team to assist you.

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Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

If you need to repair your base, Bradford Woods Foundation Repair is the ideal alternative company for your job. With vast experience and the right equipment for the job, we promise to supply the best services. The first thing we do is to evaluate the problem and then provide dependable, long-lasting solutions at a competitive price.

Professional Inspectors

All Foundation Repair inspectors are fully trained and qualified to give fast and accurate expert inspections.

Satisfaction Guarantee

we realize the need to provide reliable services to homeowners in and around Pittsburgh. Thus, we guarantee professional services at all times to make your home a better place. We will assess the problem and then answer all the questions that you might be having to help you recognize the situation.

Talk To Real Professionals

If you contact us with a basement or waterproofing issue, you will speak with a professional who will explain everything in details that will help you realize the entire repair and waterproofing procedure.                                     

Fully Insured & Licensed

We have a valid permit to provide expert foundation repair and basement waterproofing services. On the other hand, our specialists are fully insured with general liability, worker’s compensation and completed operations.



We can help you repair your foundation no matter its current situation. We have offered foundation repair services for many years and hence we’ve gathered much-needed skills and experience for the job. Therefore, if your foundation has cracks or it is tilting, sagging or you have wall leaning, contact us and our professionals will gladly help you.

  • For Lighter Structures we use Screw Pile Systems.
  • Experienced in the use of Galvanised Steel Pillar Structures for foundation support.
  • Anchoring system to provide support for virtually any foundation wall.
  • Reliable crawl space encapsulation and full support system.


Our basement waterproofing pros will not only evaluate your house for free but additionally provide a long-lasting alternative. We pride ourselves as the best base repair and basement waterproofing company as a result of broad assortment of experience, our professional have.

  • Setup of External Drainage System after Excavation.
  • Setup of Fully Functioning Interior Drainage System.
  • Installation of Baseboard Drainage System.
  • Thorough Application of Sealant on Basement Walls.


When a foundation develops cracks, they can lead to serious issues like moisture, water leaking, mildew and growth of mould among other issues. Therefore, should you require base crack repair, Bradford Woods Foundation Repair is a trustworthy company to safely and accurately offer needed services. 

  • Any cracks in walls and pipe penetrations will be safely sealed off.
  • Compete Repairs for Floor Cracks on your Basement.
  • Professionally injected epoxy in addition to polyurethane.
  • Inject Epoxy or Polyurethane.


Cracks can appear and spread overtime due to a lot of factors such as natural seasonal fluctuations in temperature. Freezing and warming up again stresses the concrete and lead into its breakdown. With all these years of experience leading the industry our qualified specialists and concrete contractors can cope with all of your concrete repair requirements.

  • High Stress Epoxy Injection Techniques used.
  • Gravity filling techniques.
  • Grouting and Stitching.
  • Stitching to Repair Concrete.
  • Routing and Sealing.
  • Raising and levelling surfaces.


Mudjacking is an expert method that we use to deal with the issue of submerged or settled concrete. Our fully trained technicians will pump pressurized grout underneath the sunken concrete to raise it and level it off. We use only the most modern gear and scientifically backed techniques so you can be sure of operational success.

  • Driveway and Footpath Mudjacking.
  • Mudjacking Driveways.
  • Mudjacking Garage Flooring.
  • Concrete Stairs Mudjacking.
  • Basement Floor Mudjacking.


We also supply basement finishing services to Bradford Woodsresidents. Our highly trained foundation repair contractors can be relied on as a single point solution for you as we handle the whole process. Homeowners all over Pennsylvania have been helped in their moments of need by Bradford Woods Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing.

  • Basement Wall Framing services.
  • Best in the Business Wall Finishing.
  • Basement Flooring.
  • Heating and Dehumidifier Installations .
  • Basement Staircase Finishing


Wayne Adams , Bradford Woods PA

The contractor who came to our house was very professional and pleasant to work with. He did a thorough job by assessing the basement and then explained to us what’s happening with our foundation. He provided his specialist advice and recommendation before embarking on the repair. We’re impressed by the services offered. We’d highly recommend Bradford Woods Foundation Repair to anyone.

Alan Robinson , Bradford Woods PA

The professionals are considerate, comprehensive and coordinated. They arrived in my house on time and also did a great job lifting my concrete sidewalk and reinforcing the concrete stairway. They had competitive prices and I had been impressed with their services. Highly recommended!!!

Lillian Cox , Bradford Woods PA

There were cracks opening up in the foundations of my house and I was worried they were getting worse. I called Bradford Woods Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing and the phone staff were knowledgeable and helped me arrange everything. They did a great job.